What’s good on a windy, chilly day? Hot pie, of course! Picking a food truck was an easy choice this week. I had mentioned The Pie Truck in last week’s FTF post, and this week I went for it. With the precipitous drop in temperatures, I made sure to be in front of the Dangerously Delicious Pies truck at exactly 11:15am as I had no intention of letting my face get buffeted by the winds until it looked dried and cracked like a raisin. Naturally, I was the first person in line. Score.

According to the truck operator/server, this food truck typically serves 20 to 25 pies a day. It serves both savory and sweet pies, and the menu is pretty extensive and creative. The most popular savory pies are SMOG (steak, mushroom, onion, and Gruyère), chicken pot pie, and STF (sausage tomato fennel). Each slice is a whopping one-sixth of the entire pie, so it is a generous portion. Even though the truck operator kept pushing the chicken pot pie, SMOG’s description sounded too good to be true. Mushrooms? Delicious. Gruyère cheese? Yum. And steak and onions? Always good. My colleague Chris requested a slice of blueberry, and it came with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Both came in bio-degradable containers. I asked the truck operator why they chose to not use styrofoam as so many other food trucks do, and his answer reflected a cognizance that it would be environmentally irresponsible for a take-out food place to use styrofoam. Kudos to The Pie Truck.

While walking back towards my office, I thought I heard Christmas caroling. But alas, the carolers weren’t singing holiday lyrics. Instead, they had taken popular holiday tunes such as “Let It Snow” and replaced the words with the protest chants. Oh, Occupy DC. “Share the Dough” is quite catchy, and your voices were on-pitch, but you’re actually affecting food truck business! The truck operator at The Pie Truck lamented that he couldn’t sell at McPherson Square anymore, which is where business was the strongest. But, he’s relocated to Farragut, and business there is comparable.

My slice of SMOG was oh so smoggy and delicious. One slice wasn’t enough to fill me up though, and I spent the rest of my lunch slowly picking at a pomegranate hoping satiation would kick in. I may have gotten a fried fish sandwich later from the cafeteria.

P.S. Do you think that the Dangerously Delicious Pies logo looks a bit like that of Johnny Cupcakes?


2 Responses to food truck friday: dangerously delicious pies

  1. Waverly says:

    It was so great meeting you last night! That SMOG sounds so delicious I wanna try a food truck now!

  2. Ellis Turner says:

    I love this spot!! Used to live about 2 blocks from here. I wrote a post about it. Thanks for the heads up on the food truck – a definite bonus


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